About us

Refugio Mazatlan  is located in Mazatlán Sinaloa, México. It is a Free home for boys who are homeless, orphaned, neglected, abused, or who live in poverty.

Refugio Mazatlán focuses on adolescents of middle school and high school age. The goal is to provide support for boys who might not otherwise be able to attend school.  Refugio is staffed by professionals, with teachers to assist with homework and psychologists to offer therapy as needed.  We provide a safe, nurturing environment for the boys to live in, as well as all the tools that are required for the teens to prosper and eventually become independent adults. Career mentoring is available for them, capabilities are assessed and opportunities are provided for the boys to attend university or learn the trade or marketable skill of their choosing.  The boys will be able to remain at Refugio for the duration of their entire education.


Refugio Mazatlan seeks to assist disadvantaged boys so that they can eventually achieve economic independence, and become happy, well-adjusted, successful community members, who are socially responsible and altruistic.