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Get Involved


If you would like to share your personal expertise with our children, or if you have skills, you might be able to teach, our doors are open to you. Please contact us!


Students of psychology, psychiatry, education or medicine, will find Refugio Mazatlán to be an excellent option for social service or internships.


Refugio is located in beautiful Mazatlán, the Pearl of the Pacific. Consider our home for a mission with your church group, youth group, family or friends. It will be an adventure that will benefit you as well as others. Contact us for possible projects and opportunities that might suit your mission.


One of our goals is to have altruistic professionals working with us. While the financial compensation of a career at Refugio Mazatlán may not be enormous, the personal and emotional rewards certainly are. If you have a big heart and are searching for gratifying, meaningful work, join us and help underprivileged children conquer their adversities and succeed in life.

"There is nothing in the world stronger than the heart of a volunteer"
                                                                                      - James H. Doolittle-

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